Fate of the arcana

The Game

Fate of the Arcana is an adventure game focused on the rich world inside Tarot cards and its eccentric characters, the Major Arcana. Players must gather them back into the playable Tarot Deck, which will be used in Tarot Spread readings.

Readings have no wrong answers

Spread readings have procedurally generated elements making each one unique. Depending on which cards players use, the event will have different outcomes. Players will always make progress regardless of the result of the reading.

Astonishing 2D art

A unique and playful aesthetic that tackles the mystical and whimsy-gothic, featuring rich and detailed animations.

Core Pillars & USPs

  • Unique take around the Tarot universe with a rich and intriguing story, full of meanings and symbolism, interwined with an original narrative and puzzle solving gameplay.
  • Tarot Spreads turned into a card game with an open-ended puzzle design.
  • Show and play: discover the rules as you play. Procedural card events with multiple solutions.
  • No wrong answers. Even death is just one more way of advancing in a plot made of multiple branches. The player never gets stuck.
  • Gorgeous 2D art with a great variety of levels, each one with special quirks representing the Arcana that inhabits them.
  • Narrative and gameplay tied as one. The unusual characters you meet become the cards you use, acquiring their special traits

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Fate of the arcana